Hi, I am Bettina. I show students, employees and solo entrepreneurs what’s possible if they match their unique skills with trends in their industry.

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The one thing that lights me up more than anything else is seeing students, employees and solo entrepreneurs gain clarity on their unique value to a company or their customers so they can add real value to a company or their customers.

But, the deal is only sealed if you get a YES on your ideas at work, get an agreement on the terms and salary you want for yourself, or the ‘go-ahead’ of a customer that is interested in working with you.

Together we build the bridge between your unique value and your target audience needs through your communication.  

The question “What makes a person say ‘yes’ and give you their commitment?” is the one that drives my work for the past 15 years.

It’s a transformation I’ve experienced for myself for the past 15 years as an employee and consultant, and one that I love sharing with big and small audiences throughout Europe and the United States - in English und auf Deutsch.

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About Bettina

Bettina Buhr is a Career Consultant and Business Coach to women. With a background in economics, psychology and communications, she steered her career into employer branding, recruiting, internal and leadership communications, and business process streamlining. Bettina started mentoring women and men on their careers +15 years ago. 

Today, she helps professionals move their career forward using her Career Momentum framework or kick-start their (side) business successfully.

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Experiences For All Audiences

Universities, Colleges and Business Schools Bettina still remembers the scary time of graduating, but not yet really knowing what to do next. Right then, it is so important to focus on the unique value someone has to offer instead of trying to blend into the sea of applications, being rejected over and over again, and have your confidence spiral down. Bettina shows graduates how to intentionally shape their career and life right from the start.  

Corporate Events, Retreats, and Workshops Bettina combines stories from her experience as an employee as well as an entrepreneur to help corporate audiences embrace the entrepreneurial spirit encouraging them to shift into an intrapreneurial mindset within their organizations to add real value to the company, become more customer-centric, profitable and efficient.  

Conferences, Events and Seminars Hosting an event, conference or workshop and want a fun and engaging speaker to move your audience to own their career development? Bettina masters the art of engaging an audience to take action and be creative whether it comes to their next career move or starting their own (side) business. 

Speaking Topics

Bettina has lived and worked in the United States for 5 years. She speaks in English or German at your event - Your Choice!

  • Value and Perception of Value: How to brand yourself as the #1 choice an employer is looking to hire
  • Career Momentum: How to intentionally create your career in 3 steps
  • Career Options: How to move your career forward even into a new field
  • Maternity leave: How to position yourself before and during your leave for what you want to be doing afterwards.

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