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Tatjana K.
"Before working with Bettina, I was at a point in my career where I felt lost. Although it was already clear that I would change the company, my positioning in the existing working environment was not sharp enough. It is hard for me to make clear what I stand for and what I and my work should be appreciated for through my positioning and my communication. Besides, I could not grasp what had led in the weeks before to the fact that my dissatisfaction increased.

The most important realization was the awareness of my value for my team and the company. Before that I was easily pushed into the "background" by the way of cooperation and communication. Bettina has made it clear to me how important it is to value my work time and performance. This simple hint was the key for me to regain confidence in me and in my work. Bettina also trained me to communicate more specific instructions, deadlines and requirements. 

I probably wouldn't have been able to leave the company on a good note that I now had. My satisfaction with my work and the anticipation of my new position have increased considerably. Without the coaching I probably would not have come out of the negative mood about the work. 

Especially in preparation for the new position and the new start in another company, Bettina helped me regain my excitement, my joy and the will to be able to start tmy new position with positive energy. I am aware of the expert role I have to fulfil, but that this can only be achieved through the cooperation and information sources of other experts. She has also drawn my attention to how I have to use my resources (time and energy) in a target-oriented way, and there should always be a return to the higher goals in order not get lost on the way.

Right after first talking with Bettina I felt very comfortable and knew I could trust her and her work. Bettina always gave me a positive feeling in the sessions, mentally strengthened me with her comments and gave me the smallest tricks that made a big difference in my situation. I liked that I could talk through situations from my daily work with her, which she analyzed with me and gave hints to what I could do better next time. Or better prepare myself. Our discussions usually began with a brief review of the week and the situations just mentioned. Then Bettina gave me some "tools" that she developed from her experience. She accompanied me in the application and the resulting findings.

I warmly recommend working with her and look forward to an equally positive development for everyone through Bettina´s support and experience!"
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Dagmara A.
"I reached out to Bettina this year confused about my further career development interest. Having achieved what I had on my first ‘life plan list’ - a successful professional and personal growth, reaching manager level and establishing a family with 2 lovely kids – I felt without a goal and understanding why it is so, which felt new and uncomfortable. Being in the middle of my parental leave, and having tried some self-coaching, reflecting methods to help myself I decided to reach out to Bettina and it was the right decision. 

In the last 2 months I’ve been able to define my values and unique selling points, reflecting in a structured and holistic way what I really have achieved, how I helped the company so far and who I became. I was also able to define my passions and start to act on them in my volunteering work. I prepared first branding materials, started to develop the mindset of personal branding and feel aware of what I want.

Bettina is a person that puts quality high. She really wants to make sure she is the right person to help you and once is it so she dedicates herself into helping the person to develop and transform. Not only she has time on a weekly basis to talk the problems, progress and solutions through but also to support in-between the sessions, which is very important to me in this transformation process. I have a need to share my needs, fears and ideas, be challenged with constructive questions and reflections as well as get help to prepare for the change and I get that fully when working with Bettina. On top thanks to Bettina’s experience and competence she can help in other areas spontaneously, such a career and family, conflict management, lifestyle design and how to accept fears and inner voices and work with them. I am looking forward to every week’s session with Bettina knowing that I will always learn something new about myself or de-block what holds me to become who I really want.
If you are at a point that you do not know where to go, what you really have to offer or how you want to position yourself to be successful then reach out to Bettina. That is what I did and am very happy with my choice."

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Julia B.
"I would recommend Bettina as a coach for women who are at important points in their career or want to take the next step. She is very familiar with the structures and processes in companies and therefore provides valuable suggestions that can be easily integrated into one's own daily work. I found it particularly good that she has always paid attention to a balance between short-term and longer-term measures: With which smaller steps can I achieve short-term success? And how can I position myself successfully in the long term? - Both perspectives were taken into account in the coaching.

Bettina's coaching approach is based on a clear understanding of one's strengths and talents as a basis for long-term positioning. This already becomes clear when filling out the first questionnaire and runs through all sessions. With the help of her own tools, literature or video tips, she always gives valuable help to become more aware of one's own abilities. The goal-oriented communication of these talents - whether in the context of a promotion or a change of job - she always thinks along with them.

I found every coaching session very valuable. Bettina can put herself in the position of her clients very quickly and knows how to analyse them accurately. Her flexibility should stood out to me; spontaneous coaching sessions were also possible without any problems." 

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Hanne B.
"When I first met Bettina, I was at the end of my parental leave and about to pick up my former job in finance. A crucial moment to reflect on my professional career and what my ambitions where for the future. I had always dreamt of doing 'something with my love for interior and decoration, but never found the time or the right moment to think about what was needed to put a business plan and convert it into a real, viable and successful business.

First of all, it was thrilling to unveil my plan to someone who took a keen interest in it. Bettina is a great listener who picks up your enthusiasm and then steps into your mindset to give guidance and ask the right questions.

I was terrified at the idea of leaving a well paid job in a secure context and believing in myself to start up something new. I felt very soon, that I would need someone to take my hand and guide me through the rollercoaster of emotions, realistic and unrealisitc ideas and goals.

One of the clearest insights she gave me, came through the question of "how much time and energy I was realistically able to invest in setting up my own business". An accurate question, because it meant that I had to consider how to combine challenges of my family life with a small child, house chores, the time spent with my husband, the time for myself and my family living abroad. What was I willing to sacrify and would I obtain the support of my family?

Bettina also helped me to break down a messy, global idea into little questions needed to answer in view of writing a detailed businessplan. 

Bettina gave me the power to believe in my businessplan and valuable insights in how to convert it into reality.

I am very thankful for the time we spent together and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for intelligent and pragmatic support."
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Astrid K.
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Katherine B.
Begimai S.
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