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Brand Founder Program 6-weeks Group Coaching

For Just €597: 3 x 1:1 sessions with Bettina, usually priced at €750. Highly recommended for: determining your unique value to a company and defining your niche, a customized networking and mentor strategy and an individual look at creating opportunities for yourself.

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Ich habe mein 14-tägiges Widerrufsrecht als Verbraucher zur Kenntnis genommen. Ich bin einverstanden und verlange ausdrücklich, dass bereits vor Ablauf der Widerrufsfrist die Ausführung der beauftragten Dienstleistung beginnen soll, sollte mein Kauf innerhalb der 14 Tage vor Kursbeginn liegen. Mir ist bekannt, dass bei vollständiger Vertragserfüllung mein Widerrufsrecht erlischt. Ich stimme den  AGB and Haftungsbedingungen zu.
Here's What You'll Get: 
  •  6x 90-min video-calls via Zoom with content input, group coaching and homework 
  •  6x Replays of the group coaching calls in case you miss a call
  •  6x Downloadable workbooks
  •  6x Mindset worksheets
  •  VIP access to secret FB group or Whatsapp group for additional support and learning
  •   Lifetime access to course
  •  BONUS: 1x 1-hour Private Session with Bettina
VIP Option - 3 x 1:1 private sessions:
  •  Highly recommended for determining your unique value to a company and defining your niche
  •  A customized networking and mentor strategy 
  •  An individual look at creating opportunities for yourself

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"Before my coaching with Bettina, self-imposed pressure and the fear of making mistakes determined my work life. I had lost the ease and my otherwise so positive way of approaching things.

What helped me a lot was to discuss situations from everyday work and have them evaluated neutrally; which actions were positive that I did not see at all and which situations must I possibly approach with a different attitude or expectation? 
To determine my USPs and to get to know my value completely changed how I see myself. Now, I show up with confidence every day.

Today, I approach my work with a healthy mixture of ease, the urge to learn something new every day and the determination to make more far-reaching decisions. Bettina has helped me to stand for my decisions and to defend them without any doubt about what people might think about it. I am more pro-active in approaching others and clearly define what exactly I need from them and in what time frame.

Bettina will help you to look at yourself from a bird's eye perspective and will subconsciously teach you how to do this even after the coaching sessions. She is there for you with so much positive energy that inspires you in finding your own value way beyond her tools. Take your chance!”

- Tatjana K.

"I was lacking clarity in what I wanted in my career, which made me feel lost and insecure.

Bettina helped me to define my strengths, passions and unique selling points. She helped me look for mentors and showed me how to use these relationships effectively.
Working with her gave me lots of confidence which I needed at the time to take the right actions.

As a result, I decided to explore my passions by taking on a voluntary assignment that helps me grow personally and as a leader.
I started to take the right choices for assignments at work and I gained so much more confidence in demonstrating my strengths and looking for support when needed."

- Dagmara A.
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