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Ready to Create a Personal Professional Brand And Attract High-Quality Career Opportunities?
Do you want to increase your visibility at work and attract quality career opportunities? Are you ready to inspire and be seen as a leader, influencer, or expert in your field?

Discover the exact strategies I've used to get more visibility at work, build a network of people who trust me, connect with mentors without chasing them, position myself as the go-to professional in my field, and make my dream jobs come to me.

If you're ready to advance your career in a way that feels aligned and authentic to YOU, then I can help you.
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"Before working with Bettina, I was at a point in my career where I felt lost. Without the coaching I probably would not have come out of the negative mood about work.
The most important realization was the awareness of my value for my team and the company.
Before that I was easily pushed into the "background" ..." Read full story
Tatjana K.
"I reached out to Bettina confused about my further career development interest. Now, I've defined my values and unique selling points, reflecting in a structured and holistic way what I really have achieved, how I helped the company so far and who I became. I also defined my passions and start to act on them in my volunteering work. I prepared first branding materials, started to develop the mindset of personal branding, and feel aware of what I want"... Read full story
Dagmara A.
"I would recommend Bettina as a coach for women who are at important points in their career or want to take the next step.
She is very familiar with the structures and processes in companies and therefore provides valuable suggestions that can be easily integrated into one's own daily work.
I found it particularly good that she has always paid attention to a balance between short-term and longer-term measures: With which smaller steps can I achieve short-term success? And how can I position myself successfully in the long term?" ...
Julia B.
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