A 6-weeks step-by-step Mastermind

with Bettina Buhr

Start: 19 Feb 2019
Spots are limited to 6 participants
Application closes Feb 15, 2019
Mastermind Gruppe (Deutsch):
Dienstags, 19:00 Uhr
via Zoom
Mastermind Group (English):
Thursdays 19:00pm
via Zoom
ONLINE BRANDING & CONTENT MASTERY is a bespoke 6-weeks mastermind for corporate professionals that want to progress their online presence to become known as the expert or leader they are and increase their reach & visibility within and beyond their organization for learning, sharing and creating new opportunities.
What's Inside The Mastermind
What You'll Learn:
  •  Week 1: Clarify your personal brand, uniqueness and target audience
  •  Week 2: Position your brand as premium and turn your LinkedIn profile into a magnet
  •  Week 3: Increase your visibility to the right people and grow your network with intentional engagement
  •  Week 4: Create content that positions yourself in the eyes of your target audience and makes them want to know more about you
  •  Week 5: Build trust in your personal brand with brand building content and storytelling
  •  Week 6: Use visual content to help people get to know you and develop an even deeper bond with you

What's Included:
  •  6x 90-min coaching and content video-calls via Zoom with content input, group coaching, homework
  •  6x Replays of the group coaching calls in case you miss a call
  •  6x Downloadable workbooks
  •  VIP access to secret FB group or What’s app group for additional support and learning
  •  Accountability partner
  •  Lifetime access to course
  •  1x 1-hour Private Session with Bettina
This step-by-step program will guide you through the process of developing your personal brand online. Storytelling skills made easy will help you communicate your value with confidence online. You will learn how you can make yourself stand out and increase your impact as the go-to professional or leader you are, and ultimately attract new career opportunities.
Start: 12. Februar 2019
Deutschsprachige Gruppe
Dienstag, 19:00-20:30 Uhr 

19 Feb
26 Feb
06 Mar (Mittwoch)
12 Mar
19 Mar
26 Mar

Start: February 15th, 2019
English-Speaking Group
Thursdays, 7:00-08:30 pm (Berlin Time)

21 Feb
28 Feb
08 Mar (Friday)
14 Mar
21 Mar
28 Mar

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Early Bird Special 997,- EUR + VAT
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Gold: Bring 2 friends and you and your friends save 50%. All of you will pay 497,- EUR + 19% VAT
If you live in Germany, you can deduct your investment from your tax return.
For all other countries, please check your country regulations.
Spots are limited to 6 participants per group.
Application closes Feb 15, 2019
What Other's Say About Working With Bettina
"I was lacking clarity in what I wanted in my career, which made me feel lost and insecure.
Bettina helped me to define my strengths, passions and unique selling points. She helped me look for mentors and showed me how to use these relationships effectively.
Working with her gave me lots of confidence which I needed at the time to take the right actions.

As a result, I decided to explore my passions by taking on a voluntary assignment that helps me grow personally and as a leader.
I started to take the right choices for assignments at work and I gained so much more confidence in demonstrating my strengths and looking for support when needed."

Dagmara A.
"In meinem Mentorship hatte ich mehrere intensive Gespräche mit Bettina, in denen ich wertvolle Impulse und Denkanstöße erhielt. Mein Gefühl ist, dass Bettina ihre Arbeit liebt und lebt. Ich bin beeindruckt von ihrem Einfühlungsvermögen und ihrem Engagement.  "

Ariane J.
"Bettina helped me make my career dreams come true in just a few months. The topics I learned about helped me gain the certainty I needed to significantly progress my career developement this year."

Verena G.
"I worked with Bettina on a weekly basis during my transition into my new HR director role. In my coaching, I was convinced above all by the practical relevance. Bettina's suggestions, tips and support were never only theoretical. Instead, I could implement them directly at any time and further develop myself and my employer with clarity."

Julia B.
"Before my coaching with Bettina, self-imposed pressure and the fear of making mistakes determined my work life. I had lost the ease and my otherwise so positive way of approaching things.
What helped me a lot was to discuss situations from everyday work and have them evaluated neutrally; which actions were positive that I did not see at all and which situations must I possibly approach with a different attitude or expectation? 
To determine my USPs and to get to know my value completely changed how I see myself. Now, I show up with confidence every day.

Today, I approach my work with a healthy mixture of ease, the urge to learn something new every day and the determination to make more far-reaching decisions. Bettina has helped me to stand for my decisions and to defend them without any doubt about what people might think about it. I am more pro-active in approaching others and clearly define what exactly I need from them and in what time frame.

Bettina will help you to look at yourself from a bird's eye perspective and will subconsciously teach you how to do this even after the coaching sessions. She is there for you with so much positive energy that inspires you in finding your own value way beyond her tools. Take your chance!”
Tatjana K.
About Bettina
Bettina Buhr is a personal branding consultant to professional women, who want to increase their visibility and create quality career opportunities.

She has a background in economics, organizational psychology and communications, gained experience in employer branding, talent assessment, and recruiting before she worked for an international company in Germany and the U.S. as a senior communications expert with a strong focus on leadership branding.

On the side, she built her career as a rock-climber, went on her first expedition at age 22 to Kyrgyzstan, and travelled the world while climbing and having a corporate job. She always sold her mix of experience to pursue the professional career she wanted.

In 2014, Bettina went on maternity leave with the intention to use the time for her personal and professional growth.

A few months later, she started her first business in the U.S. followed by her coaching and consulting business in 2017 – an extension to having mentored dozens of women for the past 15 years.

Today, it is her unique combination of knowledge and expertise around processes in the corporate world as well as how to stand out as an entrepreneur, that helps women to position themselves and become recognized as top experts or leaders at work and online.

Bettina has an unmatched eye for someone's uniqueness and is known for her creativity in helping you define your niche and finding your way to communicate your brand's message with fun and authenticity. 
Sure, There Are Even More People That Loved It!
"Bettina is a very empathic and competent consultant. She helped me to regain my focus and adapt my business strategy. With her experience and modern way of thinking, she was able to pick me up where I needed support the most. She put a lot of thought into my concept and has been a good sparring partner. Many thanks for that!"

Dominika R.
"In my first consultation with Bettina, she was able to offer guidance and help me to objectively look at how I want to position myself and where I want to focus my energy as I ready myself to reenter the workforce. I now have a plan on how I want to move forward."

Wendy W.
"Mit Bettina kam ich schnell auf eine angenehme und vertrauensvolle Gesprächsebene. Sie hat mir einen neuen Blickwinkel auf mein Berufsleben aufgezeigt und mich so dazu veranlasst, meine Fähigkeiten stärker wertzuschätzen und neue Perspektiven für meine berufliche Zukunft zu sehen."

Johanna R.
"Ich habe unser heutiges Gespräch sehr geschätzt. Es war einfach, gezielt, pragmatisch und authentisch!
Einfach: Eine Videokonferenz, die einfach zu buchen war.
Gezielt: Bettina’s konkrete Fragen haben mir meine Verbesserungspotentiale klar dargestellt.
Pragmatisch: Eine konkrete Roadmap der nächsten wichtigen Schritte für mich in meinem Beruf und meinem Business.
Am Ende, ein kurzer Blick in Bettina’s Welt voller Authentizität und ihre Leistungen! Es war einfach super. Vielen Dank!"

Sabine K.
We Go Beyond Training
You will implement what you learn in our weekly calls right away having me by your side.

You will leave knowing how to brand yourself as the go-to professional online and create content that positions yourself in the eyes of your audience, to attract quality career opportunities .
Why is this a group coaching and not simply a training?
One of Bettina's core values is to help you create lasting and life-changing results.
For that, she helps you learn and implement new skills step-by-step so you build real competence and confidence.
How much time should I set aside for the Mastermind?
You should plan on about 2 hours/week in addition to the weekly video calls.
What if I am on business travel during the time of the mastermind. Can I still participate?
You can join the calls from whereever you are. You just need your laptop. Otherwise, you can watch the replay later.
How do I schedule my private coaching call with Bettina?
You’ll be sent a link to book your coaching at the time that fits your schedule.
Can I add additional private coaching sessions with Bettina?
Yes, please contact Bettina at
I never used Zoom before. What do I need to do?
Zoom is a video conferencing tool that is very easy to use. You’ll be sent instruction for set-up on your device.
What if I can't attend one of the group calls. Will there be replays available to watch afterwards?
Yes, after each session you’ll get access to the replay.
I am an HR manager. Is there a way to run this program exclusively for our company?
Yes! Please contact Bettina at
Know Your Value.
Define your true value to an organization. Get clear on your unique talents and skills you have to offer and know how to use storytelling strategies in your self-marketing to boost your brand awareness, establish instant trust with your target audience, and create lasting impressions in your audience's mind.
Increase Your Visibility.
Learn how to build an audience of people who know you, like you, and trust you enough to offer you high-quality positions.  Connect with mentors even if you are not in any official mentoring program and turn those connections into referrals and new career opportunities. 
Conquer Gender Bias.
What would it do for your career if you  lived up to your potential at work, knew how to consistently position yourself as the go-to professional, expert or leader? What if people valued the unique perspective you bring to the table and you confidentially conquered gender bias in the workplace?

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